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Joel Rion Staves [userpic]
Boston Marriage/Bromance clarification?
by Joel Rion Staves (jrsta05)
at August 16th, 2012 (11:43 pm)

I'm very interested in this type of friendship, but what's the difference between a bromance (rembmer this is from a male perspective) and a romantic friendship/boston marriage? Don't they both involve a degree of closeness that most male-male friendships don't involve in the western world?



Lady Lazarus [userpic]
Newbie Introduction
by Lady Lazarus (cagedwriter61)
at June 24th, 2006 (10:24 am)


Well, I'm a newbie, but I was quite happy to find this community, no matter how small it is. Boston marriages have interested me for a few years now, and considering I'm fairly young, I suppose it's an early interest. I discovered the concept while researching romantic friendship, which something I'm deeply passionate about and desire, as a purely platonic sort of relationship, as opposed to all those aggravating historians who have slipped into this box of thinking it was only ever a guise for homosexuality. But that's a rant for some other time.

I'm female and my 5 closest friends are female as well. Most of my other acquantainces and friends are female too, although I profoundly love men and many things relevant to them. One of my passions that ties in with romantic friendship is male friendship. I'm very fervant in my advocacy of male rights and issues, and I certainly need and want men in my life as figures with whom I may share loving friendships with. However, a Boston marriage, which is pretty much by definition between two females, would satisfy me as a lifestyle by all means. I draw different things from women than I do from men, all of which is important, but I think the dynamics between two women can be extremely rewarding in ways that any relationship with man cannot quite provide. I'm an asexual with a low romance drive, I have almost no interest in traditional marriage or dating, and although I am pretty young, I honestly feel that all of this is genuinely part of who I am and not just a passing phase, as many older people might argue. I have always been passionate about friendship, more than the average person, I'd say. I prefer friendship above all other forms of relationships, and what I want is to share my life with friends, whether it be one or many, male or female (preferabbly both!).

Anyway -- I hope we can start talking!

And that article by Pagan Kennedy is priceless. :)

- Marie

Riyo Amaya [userpic]
by Riyo Amaya (wellowned)
at March 17th, 2006 (03:58 pm)

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just a side note:

i was talking about this with my sister and she looks at me and goes.... "oh. like me and kia." *cue jaw drop* it's true, though. my sister has this relationship with a girl named "kia". they go everywhere, do everything,.... depend on each other to live. they're about to move in together, as soon as they get a place. it's amazing, considering how she could never be that close to someone in her own family/religion/whatever... it makes me a little hurt that she couldn't be friends with her sister, but can be closer than friends with a girl that rode the school bus with us.

faye [userpic]
this time with feeling
by faye (astaria51)
at February 28th, 2006 (02:12 am)
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I started this community...what seems like a long time ago, for the purposes of celebrating friendship, and talking about intimate or romantic friendship; where the lines between romance and friendship cross, blur, blend.

And then I promptly forgot about it.

I'm very disappointed in myself for that, because friendship isn't something that should ever be forgotten (although that's also a lesson I should remind myself of, sometimes), and so I'm restarting this community and hoping that people will come join and post. It's for your use: anything that reminds you that there's more to a fulfilling life than sexual relationships, or that sometimes someone can have both.

Friends in the media, movies you've seen or books you've read, art. Articles. Icons. Letters to your friends. Open letters to the community. Questions. Anything you want on topic goes -- I want this to be for you people.

And please, let others know! :D

I'll start off with a link to this adorable and very thorough article by Pagan Kennedy, from Ms. Magazine, about someone living in a modern boston marriage. Check it out -- it's awesome.

faye [userpic]
by faye (astaria51)
at February 28th, 2006 (01:02 am)

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testing, testing.

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