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(n.) a romantic friendship, often including long-term cohabitation

usually between two women.

celebrating friendship
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This community is about friendships -- the celebration of them, their history, their place in the arts. We're here to celebrate friendship and its place in society, beyond and regardless of sexual desire. In fandom, all too often, friendship is swallowed by romantic/sexual love, and while love is beautiful, it's beautiful in all forms. Who's to say that Frodo and Sam aren't just undyingly loyal friends? Or Ron and Harry? Does "I'd do anything for you" mean "I want to have sex with you?"

We want to have discussions about your definition of "friend", to book/fic/art recs, to posting creativity in the community. Feel free to participate! And that's not to say that romantic love isn't welcome, or debate. Fics regarding the lines of friend and lover are definitely welcome. This is your comm.